Cava Bar Barcelona

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Secret Cava Bar Barcelona

Cava Bar has food on the floor, no seats, a wooden bar serving glass upon glass of pink cava and what it seems to be 3 times the amount of people that should be able to fit in there! In Cava Bar (Secret Cava Bar Barcelona as known by tourists, Can Paixano for the locals), as long as your eating they will keep topping up your glass for an extra 1euro and just add it on to your tab.

We advise people not to wear white here, as the drink comes in martini glasses and this place gets very very busy after about 7pm. We have seen numerous people come out covered in red stains! This cava tapas bar is not for the claustrophobic!!

The menu is written across the back wall and is written all in Catalan. If you do not speak the lingo its just a case of pointing and looking out for what other people are ordering and pointing to that! The burgers and chorizo tapas is a safe choice. This is easily the best cava bar in Barcelona and definitely the most memorable.

Barcelona Cava Bar Address?

C/Reina Cristina 7 , Barceloneta (there’s no sign above the door but it is easy enough to find as it is the only bar amongst many electronic shops)

Cava Bar Opening hourscava bar food

It starts to kick off as early as 5:30pm and closes at 10:30pm. Closed Sundays and August

How much?

Glasses of cava at 1euro a glass as long as your eating. Burgers around 3,80euros. Other little tapas for 3euros.

We Recommend at Cava Barcelona

Buy a bottle of cava for just over 2euros and enjoy one of the burgers. Eat slow so you can drink more. Try to get a spot by the bar so it is easier to order.


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